Thursday, February 23, 2006

Everything But the Oink Strikes Again

Dear Jerry: Well, if all you city folks hadn't-a gone and torn down all them outhouses you wouldn't-a ('member how hillbillys add that "a" at the end instead of saying or "hadn't have" or "wouldn't have")? be having all these problems. To paraphrase Gertrude Stein on the subject of teeth, plumbing is to be deeply regretted.

We have lived here at Oblivion Towers for ten years now, and just about the only maintenance problems we've had (over and over again) is the washers on the bathtub faucets. I swear I wouldn't even know how to fix that. In this particular instance. . .god bless landlords. The inner butch in me is very impressed at your capacity to handle that multitude of infrastructural tsuris you've been experiencing lately.

Your memory is ALMOST spot on about my improvising TV commls. In the instance of the example you mentioned, I know exactly what you're referring to. Whether I gave him credit or not---that was a Randall High riff---and it was an anti-comml about, I think, new Tide (not Oxydol as you recalled) with the addition of some miracle ingredient, but the housefrau in the faux commercial didn't want "new improved" Tide, but her old washday "friend," original Tide, instead.

Pissed or busy?, you ask. The latter. I think of you often and wonder when exactly you might be planning to head out this way. I will probably be going back east sometime in early summer. Prolly W.Va and NYC. The latter to work on a project.

All that effort I've put in on my recording activites is starting to pay off. Especilly because early this year, I "discovered" a singer. His name is ____ ____ and he is really good. I am in the process of signing him to a Japanese record contract---twixt the lip and the cup---and I am seldom wrong about such matters (my powers of modesty are exceeded only by my chuzpah). I've been looking for someone to work with the past several years, but the singers are either too this, or too that, or missing some essential something.

He sent me an mp3 as a result of this blog, then he just emailed me more and more and more. Nearly all of it unreleased (a few tracks have appeared on demos), all of it primo. If all goes well, the master of the CD will be delivered to Japan by the end of May. Here is the link to the track of his that I put up on my blog earlier this year.

My new Japanese Cellar Door Records CD, Pinky Winters Sings Johnny Mandel. . .with Lou Levy, was released yesterday. No celebration, though, instead I spent the day singing up for Medicare!! ;-). Here's a link to that track.

I might put part of this email on my blog. As my cantankerous, snuff dipping, shitdetectin', not to mention, "beloved" old grandmother, whom you no doubt met on more than one occasion back in the 1950s, used to say. . ."Everything but the oink." Also used to remark, "Don't that just beat the cars." Never could figger out that one.

Again. . .not pissed, just busy. Let's keep in touch.

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