Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I've just been informed that Inner Voices (see yesterday's entry) can also be heard on the Christmas album of fine Japanese singer Yasuko Agawa . . .reader Chris S. suggests that a good title for the Japanese release of Brokeback Mountain might be The Man Who Brought Back No Fish; JB suggests that another title for BBM might be---wish I had thought of it---Rodeo and Juliet. . .best movie I've seen this season is the Wood Man's Match Point. . .happy to note that on February 13th the great Johnny Mandel will be repeating his very successful recent concert for the L.A. Jazz Institute at L.A.'s Jazz Bakery. . .EX-CLU-SIVE: which two teen tabloid darlings were spotted last night slapping and scratching to a bloody draw in the celeb back room of the popular Hollywood watering hole, The 13th Step?. . .Riddle: Q. How is Brokeback Mountain different from every other movie western that's come before? (answer tomorrow). . .thanks to Walter Winchell Enterprises for permission to use, herein, a few of his patented ellipses. . .

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