Thursday, October 26, 2006

Free Music!

Earlier today I contributed a post (see below) to a Yahoo list serve to American Popular Song and its practitioners. What I couldn't post there was an example of the singing of the subject in question, Dick Noel. Here, however, is the title track from his album with pianist Larry Novak.

"Almost at once -- a few weeks ago -- with my first exposure to Chicago vocalist Dick Noel, he immediately zoomed to the top of the list of my favorite singers. Just on the basis of his one 1978 LP, "A Time For Love," with Chicago pianist Larry Novak. Comparisons with Irene Kral and Alan Broadbent's "Where Is Love" are inescapable. In fact, I would rank it on a par with that Gold Standard duo album. Mel Torme penned the liner notes for the album and pulled out all thes tops in his unstinting praise for Noel. For the most part, Dick earned his living as one of the most successful jingle singers in the country. "You deserve a break today," etc.

Yesterday, I had the privilege and honor of talking on the phone for the first time with Noel. For those hearty few of you out there who might also be as taken with Dick Noel as I am, I'm happy to be able to report that although Noel is long retired from professional singing, he is in great health nearing 80, and still toys around with recording in a home studio. He even has a few albums' worth of material that might see commercial release within the foreseeable future."

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Reed,
Last night I dubbed an old audio cassette of Dick Noel's A TIME FOR LOVE to CD. Today, I was looking online for any information about my old LP that managed to disappear over the years, and I found your blog. I have never blogged before so I am not sure of the protocol etiquette, but I am interested in contacting you about the LP liner notes.

I'm happy to hear that Mr. Noel is doing well and might release more of his great work.

Also, Irene Kral is my favorite female jazz singer of all time.

I hope you will email me if you find the time.
Allegria Henderson