Friday, November 03, 2006

Cruze/Cruise Control

The return of Cat Blog Friday. . .sort of

EX-CLU-SIVE: Tom Cruise to Revive Edsel

Cruze Bustamante: "I'm not fat. Vote for me!"

Cruising in Colorado Springs:
"I've never had a gay relationship in Denver." ---Ted Haggard.

As one local wag recently remarked (like, this morning across the breakfast table): "You could drive a truck through that statement."

My own reaction to fundies like Haggard is that they give the ineffable/unknowable a bad name. I wonder if he's entered rehab yet? No changes to his web site so far. If, however, you would like to "arrange an interview" with Haggard, here's the email address: .

I used to be an announcer on a religious radio station. ("Dr. Chilledair, is there anything you haven't done in your long and colorful career?") And nearly every fundamentalist minister I met there was a closet case. ("Why Reverand Hissom, just What Kind of a boy do you think I am?")

Have you had a good look yet at the the screamer who's replacing Haggard? If he's not a queen, I'll eat my copy of Judy at Carnegie Hall at high noon in the Castro.

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