Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ellen McIlwaine alert

My longtime friend Ellen McIlwaine has a brand new CD. Here is the info on it. In the near future I will be posting on this blog a long career article about Ellen.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Dr,
I've enjoyed your site for several months now and thanks for the wonderful article on my friend Chris Connor whom I got to know and see in the 1970's. She was and is a warm, relaxed , and intelligent artist. (She does cd cover art now as well as other graphic art.)
I also agree that she was very different in style than Anita , June , and Helen Merrill.
Chris was able to be intense,dramatic, and yet romantic and warm, not really cool. So the title of her cd Warm Cool , really is the right description.
My dad though not famous, was a muscian and I played a few songs by Marian Montgomery, he thought it was Chris singing. True their vocal timber was simular and they both worked with Richard Rodney Bennett and would have been great singing duets together.
Any good stories to share about this great but neglected singer, who was a huge hit in England and Europe? And any sources where I can swap or trade for her English recordings?