Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Happy Birthday, Hutchie!

Today is the birthday of Leslie " Hutch " Hutchinson. He surely did play, as the the saying goes, "a lot of piano," and sang well, too. He also made love to a lot of well-born Mayfair hostesses who worshipped at his feet, or was it his fingers? I can recall that one of Hutch's most ardent, ahem, champions was that fun, snub-nosed, energetic little minx, Zena Taylor. She once told me that she was related to "Bosie" Douglas. Ha!

Along with several others in our set, Zena was a great chum of Willie Walton's. He was an habitue of her salon.

If Hutch were alive today, he would be 106, but I bet our preternaturally youthful birthday boy wouldn't look a day over ninety. Click here to hear Hutch (mp3 links for a limited time only).

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