Friday, March 10, 2006

Soliloquy of a Mad Cat Sitter

SUNDAY: Panic!!! Panic!!! Panic!!! Panic!!! I can't find Frances!!! Where could she be? She's not anywhere to be found! Maybe Erma took her for the day. No! Out of the question. Not here, not there, not anywhere. Maybe Dinah and Baby ate her. Ugh! How horrible! I sure hope I locate that cat. It's been twenty minutes now & no Frances. Well, I'll try feeding the other cats. Maybe she'll reveal her hiding place. (ten minutes later) What's that? I hear Frances. Oh my god she's in the closet on the top shelf. Now how did she get there and how do I get her down? I'll try with my hands. OH! She scratched me. Why would she do that? I'm only trying to help her---stupid cat. I'll try putting a big pillow up there. No good. Oh watch out, that funny case is falling on me. Owww! IT FELL ON MY HEAD. This is extremely dangerous. Let me out of here! continued here

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