Sunday, March 05, 2006

Baroque Birthday Cogitation

Today is the birthday of bassist Bill Takas and of pianist Lou Levy, who just so happen to constitute the entire instrumental contingent of the "new" CD The Shadow of Your Smile: Pinky Winters Sings Johnny Mandel.

"New" because the tapes sat around in obscurity for more than twenty years before being rescued from oblivion. Alas, Levy and Takas are both now deceased, but the vocal star of the CD, Pinky Winters, not only contines to thrive, but is booked, to boot. This includes a three city gig in Japan (Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo) that will commence in that country on November 27th. Exact dates to be announced.

Hmmmm? I wonder what the chances are of the two lone two players on an entire album sharing the same natal date? While I ponder that singular statistical probability, you can listen to part of one of the two instrumental tracks by Levy and Takas on the album (mp3 link for a limited time only). By the way, pardon my funky sound card. The actual recording is absolute perfection.

PS: Today is the birthday of another excellent singer, Carol Sloane, and who also continues to be. . .booked!

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