Wednesday, February 01, 2006

And TODAY"S Birthday Girl

Today is my friend Pinky Winters' birthday. I can't say too many positive things about her. . .a great singer, a world class wit, and a sharp, incisive mind to boot. She is crazy like a fox, and hanging with her is just like being back in high school. She is the fun gal in class whom all loved, without an enemy to her name, and everyone wanted to be with.

I was always a fan but way too shy to go up and intro myself when I saw her perform around L.A. over the years. But one day I finally did when she and Lou Levy did a turn at the Jazz Bakery. . . maybe six or seven years ago. We hit it off like gangbusters from the git go. After we'd chatted for a few minutes, I asked her if she had any idea where I might secure a copy of her and Lou's out-of-print Verve album, Happy Madness. Her response:

"Well, I might just have some copies around the house. But although I've only just met you, I already like you farrrrr tooooo much to give you a copy [beat], but I can sell you one for twenty dollars." (rimshot)

That pretty much cinched the deal. I had to have this woman for a friend. We did bond! And it has been one of the most rewarding, meaningful (and fun!) friendships of my life. Happy birthday, Pinky!

Here's a track of Pinky singing a couple of years ago post-midnight on Doug McIntyre's KABC radio show. 7/19/03 to be exact. It was a beat up old upright that Tom Garvin had to accompany her on, and the sun was just beginning to creep up over the Target store down the block, but Tom's a game guy and she's an equally up-for-anything kinda gal (always has been, always will be), and so here are the felicitous results of their "live" late night radio rendition of Peggy Lee and Cy Coleman's "I'm In Love Again." (link for a limited time only)

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