Friday, February 24, 2006

Happy Birthday to Michel Legrand

Not so widely known in the U.S. as he once was, still Michel Legrand (film composer, songwriter, pianist, film director, singer, actor, tennis player, etc.) continues to be one of the most beloved and respected musicians around. Especially in his native land of France where he has long resided in the Pantheon of that nation's artists. At one time, I knew Legrand fairly well, and as certifiable world class geniuses go, he struck me as remarkably (maybe not quite le mot juste) sane. To wit: How did overcome his, at one time, morbid fear of air travel? Why, by becoming a pilot!

Here's a ML rare track with lyrics by the Bergmans, originally written as a theme for an unreleased independent film, The Plastic Dome of Norma Jean. "One Day" (mp3 links for a limited time only) was given its debut performance in 1968 by Barbara Stresand at an anti-war concert concert at Lincoln Center in New York---Leonard Bernstein conducting.

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