Monday, April 26, 2010


Dear Mr. Reed,

I have some info for you on the people that made up the group called "The Group". I just came across your blog today as I was doing research for a documentary I'm working on about an unfinished film from 1962 called "Ten Girls Ago". Most of the film was shot but they ran out of money. It was supposed to be the first musical filmed in Canada at a studio just outside of Toronto. The film starred Bert Lahr, Eddie Foy Jr., Buster Keaton, Dion, Jan Miner, and Riselle Bain. The members of THE GROUP played a trio of black leather clad people called the "Jay-Dees" a take-off of the slang JD for Juvenile Delinquent. Here is what it says about them in copy that was given to potential investors in the film.

"Toronto's own Ann Gable has teamed with Larry Benson and Tom Kampman to create an outstanding new singing-comedy team. Miss Gable is well-known in television and allied fields in both the United States and Canada. Mr. Benson is a nightclub jazz singer. Mr. Kampman is a member of the Ray Charles Singers on the Perry Como televison show. Together they have headlined at such clubs as New Yorks's famouse BLUE ANGEL and BON SOIR."

Of other musical interest, Riselle Bain played a girl that worked at her aunt's (Jan Miner) diner where Dion was a dishwasher. She went on to be part of the group THE FORUM and had a minor hit on the west coast with THE RIVER IS WIDE. The other members of THE FORUM were Phil Campos and Rene Nole. Ms. Bain had a small career as a child actress under the name Babette Bain and most notably appeared as the child Miriam in THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. She currently is a Cantor at a synagogue in Florida.

The first 3 photos were taken by John Sebert and the two diner photos that have Riselle Bain in them were taken by Ed Bagley.

--- Jack Dragga

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