Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The NEW Group

What's New, the LP that I digitalized today's download from, is now fifty miles away, back safe and sound with its original owner. Thus, no cover photo shot. I could only find a handful of references---and nothing substantial--- to this New Group (formerly The Group) album on the net. (And most of them, in Japanese.) Hell. . .I came up with more "hits" for my Uncle Earl's Hog Calling Instruction LP. (There are more ways to intone "Suweeee!" than ya might think.)

One of those few Google "hits" re: The Group confirmed what I'd recalled about the LP's particulars, i.e. that it was released on Morris Levy's Roulette label in 1964, a year or two after the group's. . .I mean The Group's RCA LP. See yesterday's post for more on The Group.

arr & cond by O.B. Massingill (not much about him on the net either)

Download available for 48 hours only.

"Don't think! Whenever you do, the nation's well-being suffers."

Something overheard one brittle, witty evening at the Algonquin Round Table? Hardly! Instead, I heard this line spoken yesterday (actually I didn't hear it, a friend told me about it) by Larry to Curly in the Three Stooges' Half Shot Shooters.

And just because I---I mean---my friend, chose to watch a Stooges short on AMC rather than Satajit Ray's Pather Panchali on the Sundance Channel, that doesn't necessarily mean that I---I mean--- he's a bad person. . .does it?

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic! If ever a repost were required, it might be for the original the Group album.