Thursday, April 01, 2010

VDP Rarities

Van Dyke Parks. Genius? Ask yourself, "What would Mozart say?" In other words. . . .doubtful; still. . ..

1. Come to the sunshine - Esso Steel Band
2. Come to the sunshine - Harpers Bizarre
3. High coin - Harpers Bizarre
4. Number nine - VDP
5. Come to the sunshine - VDP
6. All golden - vdp
7. Datsun comm'l - VDP
8. On the rolling sea - vdp
9. Ice capades cue 1 - VDP
10.Ice capades cue 2 - VDP
11.Ice capades cue 3 - VDP

 Download available for the next 48 hours only.


Mark Champion said...

I was tentative about his one ... but I downloaded it, listened to the beginning of track 1 ... still tentative. Gotta favorite track on here?

Mark Champion said...

Ok I listened to Number Nine and I know what Mozart would say ... "Thank GOD Beethoven wrote that one!!"

Bill Reed said...

These are just little odds and ends, i.e. commercial advertising cues. "Number 9" preceded by several years Parks' alleged "masterpiece," the still-in-print "Song Cycle." I haven't smoked a joint in 30 years, but every time I listen to "Cycle," I still get a. . .buzz.