Monday, April 19, 2010

Vic Damone on the tube

This is from CBS Sunday Morning a week ago yesterday. I could hardly believe my ears when I heard this segment billboarded at the top of the show. My guess is that this was a somewhat belated segment filmed as a promo for Vic's autobio, Singing Was the Easy Part, published last June. There hasn't been anything even remotely this hip on Sunday a.m. since Billy Taylor retired a while back.

Vic is retired, too. Too bad. Looks terrific, easily a couple of decades younger than his 80-something years. And if the few a cappella bars he sang are any indication, his "best set of pipes in the business" (Sinatra) remain intact. It would seem, then, that he has a moral imperitive to get out there on the firing line with the others and do what he can to try and hold at bay the ever-expanding Blob of brain rot that threatens to irreversibly engulf and devour whatever remains of something that used to be known as music. (Rap MUSIC, my ass.)

Of course, if he prefers to spend his time, as he claims, knocking a ball around with a stick. . .hey, it's a free country. But if anyone would like to send an email to Vic, begging, pleading and, yea, even beseeching him to give the singing "thing" another shot, I'll be happy to forward it to his manager (yep, he still has one). In case you didn't know, I'm .

PS: Would someone please tell the host of the segment, Rita Braver, that the name of one of Damone's former wives is NOT pronounced Pier ANN-JELLY (as in Smucker's). Where do they get these people?

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