Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tommy Wolf

1. I've Never Been Anything (Wolf)
2. So It's Spring (Arnold - Wolf)
3. Apples on the Lilac Tree (Wolf - Landesman)
4. Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most (Wolf - Landesman)
5. It Isn't So Good It Couldn't Get Better (Wolf - Landesman)
6. Here's to Spring (Wolf)
7. You Smell So Good (Stone - Wolf)
8. A New Day, a New Life, a New Love (Wolf - Landesman)
9. My Gal Likes Me Like I Am (Arnold - Wolf)
10. She's in Love With the Boss (Wolf - Landesman)
11. From an Ancient Proverb (Wolf - Landesman)
12. Will Love Come Along Again? (Wolf - Landesman)

How this managed to elude certaine notorious record bootleggers all this time is anyone's guess. Maybe they just couldn't find a copy of the LP to re-master from. Well, I have one; but I wouldn't have loaned it to them even if they had asked, the moofoo gonifs. They did manage, however, to snag Wolf at Your Door, the first of two albums that Tommy recorded for Fraternity Records.

Singer-pianist-songwriter Wolf was discovered for the label by its part owner, Dick Noel. Yes! That Dick Noel. Here is a nice bio of Wolf that appears on his songwriting partner Fran Landesman's website. Liner photo (not shown) of Wolf was taken by my late friend Ted Williams.

Bass: Monty Budwig; drums: Shelly Manne. Guess this fantastic L.A. dream rhythm machine just happened to be in Chicago on Sept. 5 & 6, 1957 when this was recorded. And to think. . .I was still in junior high school when all this hipness was going down in Chi-town.. Didn't take me too long to catch up with it though, thanks to, among others, Charleston, WV radio jazz dee-jay Hugh McPherson. But I digress. . ..

Available for download for the next 48 hours only.


Buster said...

Another gem - you're on a roll!

Jeroen said...

Actually they reissued it as an lp back in the '80s (together with Piny Winters' 'Lonely One', Mary Ann McCall's Detour to the Moon and other never released on cd stuff...) That is if you are referring to that certain Spanish label n'est-ce pas?
Thank's for the upload...Apparently missed the other stuff :-(


Bill Reed said...

By crackies, I just double-checked and yer right. I stand kee-rekted.

David Federman said...

Hey, Bill, I made it within the 48 hour time limit. But where's the link?

jeroen said...

Just one final remark about that Spanish label; Thank's to that certain label I started to collect jazz/vocalrecordings and got aware 'bout the richness and diversity of musicians (long before I got aware of the "bootleginess" that surrounds that label). It even made me aware of the existence of a singer named Beverly Kenney, starting a fascination for her and her work which led me straight to your blog...
Makes me think about another Spanish label named; LP Time. Made in Spain but only available via Japan!?! Has this one something to do with Fresh Sound recordings?