Sunday, June 29, 2008

In memory of Dody Goodman

Dody Sings (?) Murray Grand's April in Fairbanks
(courtesy of Busterooni)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Pinky Winters in Japan

SSJ Records recording artist, singer Pinky Winters, departs L.A. tomorrow for her second tour of Japan in as many years. She is spreading her net somewhat wider this time with performances, in addition to Tokyo, in Osaka, Kofu and several other locales. She will be in Japan for the better part of two weeks. Pinky will also be doing a "live" nationwide radio broadcast on 7/01. I want to wish her godspeed and great fortune. Here is her performance schedule:
6/27 TUC Club, Tokyo
6/28 G'Drop, Tokyo
6/29 Husky's Gallery, Chigasaki
6/30 Again, Tokyo (guest at Karaoke club)
7/01 Tokyo FM Hall, Tokyo
7/02 Cotton Club, Kofu
7/04 Koln, Fuji
7/07 Lovely, Nagoya
7/08 Jazz on Top, Osaka

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dave Lambert natalfest

Today is the birthday of proto-hipster/bopster Dave Lambert. If still alive, he'd be reallll old, but probably still swinging. In honor of the occasion, let's grab a ride on the Waybackkkk Machine to 11/25/07 on this blog and a day that I proclaimed Dave Lambert Day . If the passel o' tracks there hasn't whet your appetite for Sounds Lambertian, here then are even a few more.

All Alone (from Sing Along With D.L.)

Deedle (w/Buddy Stewart & Charlie Parker)

In the Still of the Night (Charlie Parker w/ D.L. Singers)

Lullaby of the Leaves (Mel Torme w/ D.L. Singers)

And if that still isn't enough, take a gander at an LH&R clip I uploaded to youtube last year.

And if that isn't enough, I'd suggest that you try and get out more often!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

4 Girls 4

On May 24th at 10:30 a.m. at the L.A. Jazz Institute Festival, I moderated a panel of four of the finest jazz singers around. Here is the transcript of part one:

I'm Bill Reed, a producer for Japan's SSJ Records. Even without the scheduled participation of the wonderful Mark Murphy who, as you well know, was not was not able to perform because of illness this week and had a previously scheduled appointment, so he wouldn't have been able to be here anyhow, still this remains an amazing gathering of singers. I was going to call this---Pinky Winters suggested that I call this---'Jazz Singing in the 21st Century' (laughter) but now I think I'll call it '4 Girls 4. ' Here are our panelists.

A few years ago our first singer appeared with a gathering of some of L.A.'s finest players and performed at this festival recreating one of her classic Emarcy albums, the one she made with Gil Evans. She hit the ground running and was a revelation. It could have filled a major hall in Japan where she is considered very simply the personification of a jazz singer. It should be noted that her Emarcy album with Clifford Brown is the largest selling jazz record ever in Japan
. . .Helen Merrill.
And speaking of Japan, our next singer's recording career has had fresh life breathed into it thanks to the interest of Japanese fans. First that country reissued her debut LP on CD. She now has four more CDs in release there, including a Live in Tokyo set recorded in December of 2006. And she's just about to take off for her second concert tour of Japan. . .Pinky Winters.
Our next artist first came to widespread attention in the U.S. with the inarguably legendary vocal group Lambert, Hendricks and Ross. But by then she had already achieved much fame in Europe in nightclubs and in theatre. Known today equally well as an actress, she was a long-standing member of director Robert Altman’s stock company. And, oh yes, she wrote the famed lyrics for Wardell Gray’s “Twisted.” And a cookbook. She will be singing a Gershwin program here tonight. . .Annie Ross.
To the best of my knowledge our next singer has not yet appeared in Japan. . .
Sutton: No, but they've got my pianist, Christian Jacob, right now.
Reed: . .but no doubt the call has gone out. She has been seen performing just about everywhere else: Capetown, Istanbul, Milan. Soon she’s off to Norway and Newark, Seattle and Yakima. During its fourteen years together, the Tierney Sutton Band, led my our next panel member, has garnered critical praise throughout the world. Sunday night she’ll be taking the Irene Kral role in a recreation of Shelley Manne’s “My Fair Lady” album with Jack Sheldon. . .Tierney Sutton.
(applause) continued here

Remembering. . .

Take a look at this wonderful tribute to musician Bill Reichenbach, Sr. that appeared in today's Washington Post. The pioneering bossa drummer was the father of my L.A. friends, Kurt Reichenbach, and Bill Reichenbach, Jr.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday, June 07, 2008

New from Japan

To hold this new---now available---CD in my hands is to watch the last two years of my life flash before my eyes. Every one of these tracks is from an album that I either directly or indirectly reissue-produced, or produced. It's been a couple of great years working with SSJ Records in Japan, who licensed this material to the BounDee Jazz Library label.
With the obvious exception of the late Beverly Kenney, I spent many long, pleasant hours on the phone or in person dealing with these artists, and in every case I now consider each of them a friend. In the instance of Kenney, in the process of writing liner notes, I came to know several of her close friends.
With Frankie Randall, it's come to the point where we just phone one another up to shoot the breeze. A great story teller in addition to still performing at the peak of his powers. Diane Hubka and I have also bonded quite nicely, thank you very much. Same with Flo Bennett, Johnny Holiday and Bev Kelly. And who'd-a thunk I'd ever hear the phrase, "Call for you from Buddy Greco on line one"? He's kind of a legend, you know!
As for Pinky Winters, we go way back. . . all the wayyyy to 2000, long before I ever got involved in my present record biz activity. Someone told me, "Phone Pinky up, she'll be your friend for life." And it looks like he was right. My first project ever was Pinky's and Richard Rodney Bennett's 2001 Rain Sometimes.
The (unintentionally) mysterious and elusive Carole Creveling even sent me a Christmas card last year.
Singin' Swingin' Jazzin' or as I prefer to call it Dr. Chilledair Presents.

rare J.H. track .

Johnny Hartman in rehearsal.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Like a Dog With a Bone


I finally found him! Johnny Prophet is alive and well, comfortably retired and living in Southern Calfifornia. Walks seven miles a day and from time-to-time, unannounced, still pops into some little desert intime boite and lets go with a song or two. ("Who WAS that masked man?")