Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Hear tracks

Hear tracks

"new" Doris Drew

San Antonio-born Doris Drew was one of the most widely heard voices heard on U.S. TV and radio in the 1950s. In addition, she etched many dozens of tracks for major labels. And yet she recorded only one album in her entire career, a straight-ahead jazz issue featuring the likes of Marty Paich, Herb Geller, Dave Pell et al, and the Hollywood Strings. As for her other recordings, until now, most of singles had a short shelf life and then faded into oblivion----common for such discs during the heyday of the 45 rpm---until now. SSJ is happy to introduce this new Rarities Series, and is honored to present Doris Drew as its first star. Her backup on these sides constitutes a virtual Who’s Who of U.S. jazz of the 1950s, including John Williams, Les Paul, Herb Geller, Jack Fascinato, and Med Flory.

Track samples (note: Tracks 12 & 13 were chosen for their rarity and any imperfections are in the sources)

Dois Drew Allen today