Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Among the many other unacceptable tracfone policies, if you happen to call their help line, they put you on hold AND while you're waiting they eat up your existing airtime. And if you buy a phone card and the seller (Walgreen's) fails to give you a second receipt with a unique pin number, there is no way that tracfone can/will straighten out the problem. 50 bucks down the drain!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

"March" mystery

Found this on the net a number of years ago. Can't remember the singer, who also happens to be the brilliant Portuguese-to-Japanese translator. Anyone have a clue? Probably this recording was quashed due to the provision in ACJ's will: NO MORE TRANSLATIONS! He recorded them, but, nonetheless, is alleged to have hated nearly all of Lees and Gilbert's translations of his work. Perhaps---especially?---"ball" translated as "baby's bouncing toy." Overreaching a bit doncha think?

Some kind of a "record"?

From this month's ITI
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The set covers Jane's career from the 40's to the present