Sunday, August 26, 2007

Page Cavanaugh alert

National treasure, as I prefer to deem him, Page Cavanaugh is coming along very nicely, but about two weeks ago he fell at his San Fernando Valley home and broke his hip. He is mending so well, in fact, that he's been performing at the grand piano in the lobby of the hopital. "Live from the Rehab Room!" Now. . .how "hip" is that?!

He'll be going home in a few days just in time to make his new Sunday afternoon gig at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach. He's charmed the nurses right off of their feet, so much so that I'm sure they'll miss him when he's discharged. The saltiest mouth since Julie London, but, coming from Page, the effect is simply one of great charm. Like the world's oldest debauched choirboy.

I visited him last weekend. I wanted to take him something along the lines of a F**k George Bush T shirt, but had to settle for a DVD of "Romance on the High Seas." Speaking of which, I uploaded a Page C. clip from that film a while back on youtube. It is contained in a short docu that I produced on the occasion of his 85th birthday back in January.


Anonymous said...

Speaking as someone who, himself, plays piano in a hospital lobby, I find Mr. Cavanaugh's current gig to be *ultra*-hip.

Three cheers for Mr. Cavanaugh!

egy said...

As a singer all my life, I have always admired Page's appearance with Doris Day, Ray Brown, etc. in the ship's lounge in the movie "Romance On The High Seas"... The songs Doris Day sings while Page and his trio play along together just charm... and totally delight! Achingly beautiful music!
Tony Rizzi, Smooth Crooner
Mill Valley CA 94942