Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Diva Dreaming

I had a dream about singer (and my good friend) Ruth Olay last night (My, my, Dr Chilledair, what a rich, full fantasy life you must lead!). This morning I phoned to tell her about it.

In the dream, she had a contemporary TV show, Ruth Olay's Living Room, but was lip sync-ing to recordings of hers from the 1950s. One of the songs she "performed" was "Sleepin' Bee," which she sang in toto in mon reve. But when I awakened, I realized that although it seemed like a perfect song for Ruth, she had, in fact, never recorded the Arlen and Capote classic (and never will, now, having long ago hung up her intime boite shoes).

When I spoke with Ruth this a.m., I asked her why she'd never committed the song to wax. She answered that she loved the song, but just never felt it was quite right for her. "Well," I told her, "it sounded great in the dream!"

Maybe I should patch my brain into the sound card of my pc before going to bed at night. Can they do that now?


KenPaul66 said...

Love Ruth Olay ! Do you know if she's excited about one of her albums (Easy Living ?) finally being released on cd in Japan ?

Bill Reed said...

YES, Ruth Olay is excited about the CD reissue of Easy Living, and NO I don't appreciate your taking food out of my mouth by uploading albums on other blogs for free download that I've produced.