Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Portrait of Jennie Smith from Life Magazine, 12/15/57

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(courtesy of Jennie Smith)


Anonymous said...

Great thanks Bill. And tell Jennie she has even more devoted fans than she could ever imagine. Everyone should get her debut RCA recording on the low-priced Japanese pressing before it goes out of print again. Is there any chance of the rest of her material being reissued on CD

Anonymous said...

I wonder if someone could compile a Jennie Smith discography, with singles and LPs. That would be very nice.

Ravel said...

For a lover of singers (female, mostly), yr website is quite a nice discovery!
Great job!
Ravel in Montreal, Quebec

Anonymous said...

I remember how impressed I was as a teen staying up at night to hear Jennie on the Steve Allen Show. It is good to hear her again and know that I was right about her great talent.

Anonymous said...

I too would stay up as a teenager to watch the Steve Allen Show and hear Jennie Smith sing. Good to know I wasn't the only one. Thought she should have made it bigger as a singer.