Monday, February 06, 2012

Beverly Kenney on Hugh Hefner Playboy TV

click twice for full screen image

If I'm not mistaken, the air date was mid-January 1960; this was just a few months before her death on April 13.

2/12/12 update: In the process, just now, of sussing out the air date, I came across this molto curioso item in Walter Winchell's ('member him?) 2/13/59 column: "Jazz singer Beverly Kenney, who is a private eye between bookings. . .." Hunh?

Thanks to James, Jeroen, and Allen for bringing this clip to my attention. I'm so verklempt that I can hardly type. Something of a major cultural event in my world!

More about Beverly


James Weber Jr. said...

Glad to see her finally, but even more glad to see so many people moved as deeply as myself! I've contacted the folks that license the Steve Allen show, but it is prohibitively expensive to license the footage. So frustrating to know it's sitting in a vault somewhere, just waiting for someone with pockets deeper than a record store manager.

Ken B. said...

Just wonderful. Thanks so much.

jeronimo said...

This was/is such a thrill. And so interesting to actually *see* her singing.

And yet another version of 'Mountain Greenery', which for me is her signature tune. All her renditions of this tune are my favorites!


Beppo said...

Bill - Holy cow! Thank you so much for this link! Just great.

Jerry said...

Is it possible to put the show on next SSJ CD maybe?

The footage/sound should now be in public domain, correct?

bluebird said...

Thanks to all for digging out this rare footage.
What a treat.

Bill Reed said...

I'm not the one who dug this up. I just reposted from youtube. Presumably it was Beverly's niece who uploaded.