Monday, March 03, 2014

Our Lady of the Llamas

I posted a variation on the following post today on Facebook in response to some rather cruel remarks there, and elsewhere, about Kim Novak's appearance last night on the Oscars.

"Novak did a brand new interview with Bob Osborne on TCM about six months ago. She was, to put it mildly, sensational! Answered every question as truthfully and articulately as imagineable. Seldom have I witnessed such public candor from a celebrity. A master class in how the movie system works (or rather, worked). Even came close to a full-out disclosure of her affair with Sammy Davis and did cop that Harry Cohn of Columbia threatened to Davis to "Shoot your other eye out if you don't keep away from Novak." I think she was just in over her head at the Oscars. Probably has used a teleprompter only a few times in her life. As for the bad lift. . .it can happen to the best of 'em. She remains our most under-rated living film actress-star. Man w/ Golden Arm, Picnic, Pal Joey, uhh, Vertigo. . .. A little respect, puh-leese."

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David Federman said...

Watched "In the Middle of the Night" the other night on TCM and I whole-heartedly agree. But then I've felt as strongly about her talents ever since "Vertigo" became my favorite Hitchcock movie!