Thursday, April 03, 2008

Cell phones in Cuba

Brilliant article by David Lazarus in yesterday's L.A. Times about cell phones. To which I replied to the "Times" in the following email.

Though I carry a cell phone for "emergencies" (I've yet to use it) I keep the damned thing turned off. In essence it functions for me like a teeny tiny pocket payphone sans the anonymous mouthpiece germs. In addition to all the other negative charges you level against them in what---in a more just world---would be a Pulitzer Prize-winning article, my main complaint about cell phones is that they function as a hedge against increasingly encroaching disorganization in daily life. i.e. why should I bother to plan and schematize my day when I can just phone on the fly if I forget to do something, or am running late? I hate these agents of the devil even more than rap and SUVs. . .and that's a lot!

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