Monday, November 17, 2008

All About Ronnie


RONNIE DEAUVILLE DISCOGRAPHY (work in progress, any corrections or additions are appreciated)
Singles (including 31 non-album tracks)
My Happiness / You Can’t Be True Dear- Bullet 1032
I Only Have Eyes For You/ Brush Those Tears From Your Eyes - Mercury 5203
Here I’ll Stay / Portrait of Jennie - Mercury 5229
Is It Too Late / I’ll String Along With You Mercury 5267
Hajii Baba / R.D. ? - Tops 78 rpm R 248-249
With All My Love / I Keep Telling My Heart - Hollywood 105
Mirror of Love / The Fields of Love - American 113
As Children Do / I Concentrate on You - Era 1055 (Era LP tracks)
Laura / It Wasn’t Much of a Town (and Jerry Lewis message) - Era 1056
Hong Kong Affair / Crazy, Wonderful - Era 1067
Around the Corner / Unfaithful Diane - Era 1071
Blame Your Eyes / King of Fools (Imperial album tracks)
Honey Hill / Heaven in Hawaii - Dot 16011
Can It Be You / Brother Beware - Forecast 104
Who But You / Mahubay - Forecast 301
Bring Back My Heart/She Acts Like a Woman Should Do ACAMA x - 107
Deep in a Dream / Mad About You (w/ Ram Ramirez) - Super Disc 1049
Someday / With Every Breath I Take - Signature 5279

Comme Ci Comme Ca / not R.D - Hi-Tone 117-A
Single tracks as featured vocalist (partial listing) All of a Sudden, Sentimental Me, Harbor Lights, Be My Love, I’m Getting Tired of Dreaming, Man in the Moon, Sitting By the Window, Nevertheless, Blue Moon, Autumn Leaves, Marshmallow World, Why, My Heart is Out of Town, Can Anyone Explain, The Night is Young and You're So Beautiful (all with Ray Anthony on Capitol) Passing Fancy, Bye Bye Blues, London Bridge is Falling Down, Peace of Mind, Gloria (all with Ray Anthony on Signature)
Smoke Dreams - Era 20002
Smoke Dreams/Something To Remember You By/Wonderful One/Say It Isn't So/I Had The Craziest Dream/Soft Lights And Sweet Music/I Concentrate On You/Love Is Here To Stay/So In Love/I'll Close My Eyes/As Children Do/Easy To Remember/I Kiss Your Hand Madame

"Even if he should never sing again, this record could bring him musical fame. Time Magazine 12/31/56

Romance With Ronnie - Imperial 9060
Deep In Love/King Of Fools/Glory Of Love/Blame Your Eyes/Tormented/The Wedding Has Started/Dream Girl/The Secret Of Love/I Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night/Back In Your Own Back Yard/Nice Work If You Can Get It/Unchained Melody

Compilation album tracks I Can’t Believe That You’re in Love With Me (& Paul Horn Quintet) - Callliope 3018
White Christmas - Tops (?)
Answer Me My Love - Tops
Hajii Baba - Tops Parade of Hits
Young at Heart - Tops
Three Coins in the Fountain - Tops

A Girl, A Girl - Tops (?)

Air checks (partial listing) Appearances do not necessarily mean that audio and/or video exist
La Mer, East of the Sun, Encore Cherie (Tex Beneke)
All of Me, Ocean Room, Plaything , Thirsty for Your Kisses, It's You I Like Best of All, Jean, More Than I Care to Remember, I Still Miss You, Goodnight Irene, Can Anyone Explain (Ray Anthony)
TV appearances
Steve Allen (5/18/1958): sings Someone to Watch Over Me

Stars of Jazz (1957) sings Nice Work if You Can Get It & All the Way
Stars of Jazz (1958): sings I Can’t Believe That You’re in Love With Me (see compilation albums)

This is Your Life (11/6/57) Deauville’s life recounted on this popular NBC-TVseries Florian Zabach Show: sings “Aloha Oe”

MiscellaneousAudio/Visual materials related to Linus & Ava Helen Pauling, 1974. "Ronnie Deauville to Dr. Pauling." Standard audiocassette.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I'll try to see if there is anything else that I have. I'm missing many of the singles. Is there any chance of a private circulation CDR of the singles?

I'd like to do a 2 hour radio special on Ronnie.

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Wow--I didn't know that was Deauville doing "White Christmas" on Tops. I'm pretty sure I have his version (sans credit).

Addition: "The Night Is Young And You're So Beautiful," w. Ray Anthony on Capitol 1310.

Buster said...

Bill - Thanks for this. I am wowed by the extent of your listings. I'll check my collection for other things later this week (out of town at the moment). I believe there's a version of Gloria on Signature with Ray Anthony (I see your listing is noted as partial). Would dearly love to hear some of the things I don't have.

Anonymous said...

It's rare that any group of Ronnie Deauville "fans" (or should I just say "listeners") gather. Perhaps we can organize somehow and circulate a few of these rarities..I'd really enjoy broadcasting them all. If I can ever remember how I registered here before, maybe I can no longer be anonymous. I wonder if Bill might be able to facilitate something?

Out of six copies of Smoke Dreams, I only ever found one on clean sounding material. I think my copy of the Imperial LP is super clean mono.