Monday, July 26, 2010

"New" Beverly Kenney CD

Now available at
. . .and at PM Sounds, Torrance, CA
Also available at

. . .and at Atomic Records, Burbank, CA &
PM Sounds, Torrance, CA
Richie Kamuca - Lee Konitz


Anonymous said...

Four unreleased tracks? Not on SSJ?

Allen Bardin said...

What joy! Ordered it right away!

Bill Reed said...

Not on "anywhere." Two tracks of which, Mountain Greenery and Violets for Your Furs have never been recorded elsewhere.

jeronimo said...

Didn't Beverly Kenney record 'Violets for your furs' on her album with Ralph Burns (come swing with me)?
Anyway every track by her is a jewel so they are more than welcome in any Beverly fan...
But I don't understand why these 4 tracks come with a reissue of 'Snuggled On Your Shoulder'.
Are they 'just' discovered or wasn't there room on an other release? btw are these the last tracks or is there still more to come?!? Would be great...


Bill Reed said...

Thanks for the catch. "Violets" HAS been rec. before.

jeronimo said...

Mr Reed, any chance you could answer the question I asked in my previous comment? I'm really curious.


Bill Reed said...

These were discovered much later than even the release of the third
BK SSJ CD. AS far as I know, this is all there is. Tho' there is a Playboy TV show that she appeared on and, most likely, sang.

jeronimo said...

Ok thank's for your reply! Finally found myself today a cd of BK with Jimmy Jones and Pinky Winters' 'Rain Sometimes'! I'm a happy man now!

Here I am with a new question (sorry)
The live track's of Kenney issued on 'What is there to say' (which I don't have yet) come also from television broadcasts, is there also moving image saved from it? That would be way cool...

The song written by Kenney and performed by Hubka ( btw bought my first Hubka cd yesterday!), is that going to appear as sheet music as well? That would be also cool...

And didn't Kenney appear at Bobby Troup's program? Thought I saw her name once in the program's credits on the net (but can be wrong about that...) Also saw that Ruth Price appeared three times at that show, twice with the trio that we can see in that wonderful clip you posted ealier, and once with Red Norvo's Quintet. How did get at that clip? Are these shows available on dvd? And how about her singin 'You Are My Lucky Star' with Troup stating that it came from her newest album while that sin't so... Did she ever recorded that song?


Bill Reed said...

There WAS a TV broadcast of BK, but I searched and couldn't find.

I have a xerox of the sheet music, but I don't think it was ever officially printed.

I just found the Price on youtube. As for Lucky Star, it doesn't appear as if she recorded it.

Anonymous said...

Didn't 'BK' issue some 45 RPMS that are not on any official CD? Any chance that we can hear them?

jwwjr said...

Some time ago I contacted Mark ( at Historic Films with this info:


Reel#: SA-105

Year: 1958

Timecode: 00 04 36

He said that for research purposes, they can supply a time-coded DVD-R for $250 per show. I don't have that kind of dough, unfortunately. Maybe another fan of Bev does?