Monday, July 12, 2010

Apocryphal true story?

One simply can't say too many praiseworthy things about musician Eddie Monteiro and his mad scientist synth accordion which can, even "live," credibly approximate not only the sound of big band bop, but even a Blues Stars sounding vocal group. All at the same time!

When I first heard Eddie, circa 1990, he was working in partnership with singer Nancy Marano in a jazz duo that came this close to setting the music world on fire not only with critics but record sales as well. Nevertheless that hoary old and (almost) entirely unwarranted---vide the late Pete Jolly and the very much alive Frank Marocco---bias against the the instrument still obtained despite Monterio and Marano's relative commercial hotness. So much so that on one occasion an agent (I think it was Abby Hoffer)attempting to book the duo ran up against a jazz club owner who adamantly insisted, "I will die before I ever allow an accordion player to set foot in this establishment." To which said agent replied: "It's not an accordion. It's a tiny piano he wears on his chest." Now that's what I call fast thinking!

Here's a link to a track from M&M's first CD, The Real Thing.

. . .and a link to Kamuca and Konitz Live at Donte's


Anonymous said...

I told a friend of mine who is an accordionist about your cartoon. He is going to have several of his California friends pay you a visit, with accordions of various sizes

Willow said...

I went to a garage sale a few years ago and saw an accordion. I asked the lady how much it cost. She exclaimed that she would pay me $5 to take it.

I couldn't do that, so I took $1.